What TO Eat In Fast? Food Items to Have During Vrat, Upvaas

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Shravan or Sawan is an auspicious month. It has a great significance for the lord shiva devotees. Sawan is the fifth month of the year according to the Hindu calendar which is considered as a sacred month. There are a limited number of food items that devotees Eat in Fast during the month.   

Hindus fast for the entire month or on specific days of the week. Shravan brings beauty in nature with rain showers and greenery all over the land. With this beauty in nature, there come some responsibilities of cooking and fasting like cooking without sea salt and without garlic and onion. We have curated a list of special dishes that you can Eat in Fast.

We have compiled here 5 delectable and delicious upvas dishes ideas for you to enjoy this Shravan month hassle-free. Nut before that here are some more food items that you can eat while fasting.

What To Eat-In Upvas?

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During fasting, people avoid grains, sea salt, garlic, onions, and alcohol. But they are allowed to eat fruits, besides there are many options to eat while fasting. 

You can eat Amaranth grains, raw banana, coconut and coconut milk, dry fruits, and milk products. 

Here are some dishes that you can prepare during Shravan month fasting:-

1. Banana Kabab To Eat in Fast

Banana kabab is something that will not make your fasting boring. It is a kabab prepared with raw bananas which will melt in your mouth. The tangy flavour and spiciness will make it mouth-watering. You can make this kebabs even as an evening snack. It is a great festival snack which is perfect for your upvas days. 

2. Vrat Wale Paneer Roll For Vrat

As milk products are allowed during fasting then why to ignore paneer. Paneer roll is a delicious upvas snack that can be prepared easily and in no time. It is prepared with grated paneer, boiled and mashed potatoes, rock salt that is called sendha namak and spices as per your choices. It is a delicious mid-day snack and even fits perfect for tea time.

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3. Vrat special Dhokla For Upvaas

Let’s have a break from vrat friendly puris and khichdi and make interesting dhokla with Sama ke chawal. Sama ke chawal is commonly eaten during upvas, basically, it is prepared in the form of khichdi. Dhokla made of sama ke chawal is quite easy yet delicious vrat special dish. It is also a healthy vrat dish prepared with low-fat ingredients. 

4. Makhana Kheer To Eat in Fast

If you’re having some sugary cravings while fasting then try this amazing Makhana kheer. This tastes totally amazing and will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. It is also a low-fat dessert. Makhana kheer tastes more like rabri and actually more delicious. The makhanas are first roasted in ghee and then crushed to make kheer. The makhana kheer will make your fasting more worth for. 

5. Vrat friendly Samosa For Vrat

Samosa is the favourite Indian snack that is eaten in all parts of India. Every region has its own variation of samosa. Vrat friendly samosa is prepared with singhare ka atta that is commonly used for upvas dishes. You can use the filling of your choice. Make the vrat friendly potato filling or you can also prepare the spiced chirogi for the filling. The samosa will be as delicious and crispy as the normal samosas. 

Don’t let your Shravan month fasting get boring. Make your fasting month interesting with these simple and creative dishes. Stay hydrated, watch your water intake and drink enough liquid. Avoid tea while fasting as it may cause acidity. 

Enjoy this sacred month of the year with full devotion and delicious vrat friendly dishes. 

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