What India opted for? Coronavirus Lockdown 4.0 or Opening 1.0

First Coronavirus lockdown in India was announced on 24 March 2020 which was to stay in effect till April, 14, but due to the rising number of cases and global threat of Coronavirus pandemic the country decided to extend lockdown period. The lockdown in India has been extended three times since first announcement was made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

India went into lockdown 2.0 and lockdown 3.0 in April and May 2020 but soon after the next phase of restrictions was announced, some sectors saw this as a phase of opportunity and easing.

Let’s see why Lockdown 4.0 in India is being termed as Opening 1.0

After being shut for almost 54 days, the Government of India has opted for a rather aggressive step to resolve problems of the general masses by opting for lighter restrictions. India’s National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has extended the lockdown period till 31 May 2020 but has not seized controlling powers from the government. 

To give added relaxations in lockdown as per needs and requirements of all 28 states and 8 union territories, the charge of mandating lockdown measures have been given to state governments. They can assign clour codes to districts on the basis of number of infections or criteria decided by the state authorities. 

State government can also impose more or fewer restrictions to support the welfare of people in the region. Many states which had fewer infections than rest of India can now give immediate relaxations in lockdown hence giving economic relief to people by opening shops, markets, and businesses. States like Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka that have a higher infection rate then rest of India have extended strict lockdown till 31 May 2020 to contain virus spread.

For people in containment zones, the time period till May, 31, is surely a lockdown period while people in other parts have termed it as Opening 1.0 given additional allowances given during the period.

How is Coronavirus situation in India?

As of 11 pm IST on 18 May 2020, more than 1 lakh people in India have been diagnosed with Coronavirus infection. Out of the total number, about 39,000 patients have recovered from the virus infection while over 3,150 have lost their lives to it. 58,000 patients remain under treatment while over a lakh others are under observation. 

Maharashtra state accounts for over 35% of total infections in India and about 39% Coronavirus deaths. It’s capital Mumbai and nearby city Pune are the worse affected with thousands of active cases. Authorities have ramped up testing to identify and treat people before they arrive at hospitals in critical condition. Mumbai houses Asia’s largest slum, Dharavi, where over 1,300 Coronavirus cases and 56 deaths from the infection have been confirmed. Authorities are concerned about Coronavirus in Dharavi due to living conditions and the density of population in the area.

Coronavirus recovery rate in India is better than many countries including China, the original epicentre of virus outbreak. Doctors in India have used many distinctive therapies and drug combinations to treat patients, many of the experimental drug combinations and said to have given good results.

How far is Coronavirus Vaccine?

Many top global firms are in the race for developing a Coronavirus vaccine. Results from vaccine trial of Moderna have shown good results. Reports say a vaccine from the company could be expected as soon as the end of 2020. Coronavirus vaccine news is the latest buzz after the outbreak, everyone is searching for a shield to defend themselves as social distancing and Coronavirus preventive measures are not enough for the real world. Many companies are developing Coronavirus vaccine in USA and the country is expected to share developments on them soon.

Until a vaccine is developed all you can do is practice social distancing and adopt preventive measures to stay clear of Coronavirus infection. More than 4.8 million people globally have been infected by novel Coronavirus and the outbreak is expected to infection over 10 million people by the end of 2020. If a vaccine arrives as per expectations, then some relief could be sought else the world will have to change its norms to begin the new normal after arrival of COVID-19.

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