Vampire Diaries Second Season Summary- What, How & When

The second season of The Vampire Diaries started airing in the United States on September 9, 2010, on CW. 

Before starting with its second season let’s have a quick glance over season one. We have seen the not so humanly school life, parties that end with someone dying, vampire tricks, witchy spells and much more. In season one we had seen a brief intro of each character.

 Elena and Stefan met and immediately fell in love. Damon is back in town with his bloody business and in lust to bring Katharine back. Bonnie discovering her witchy side and in the process lost her grandmother. Matt tryna working out things after her sister Vicki’s death and started dating Caroline. Elena discovers many truths about her life and the new history teacher Alaric turns out to be a vampire hunter and Elena’s birth mother’s ex-husband. 

The season ends with the Founders Day fiasco in which John Gilbert has set up a trap to spot and kill vampires with the help of a witchy vampire paralyzing device from which Stefan manages to escape and also saves his brother with the help of Bonnie. 

Some events from this season left our heads spinning, the paralyzing of Mayor Lockwood and his son Tyler Lockwood from the effect of the vampire paralyzing device because they are not vampires. Tyler’s aggressive behaviour and the change of his eye colour when he fainted during the car crash with Caroline and Matt on the same day left us in thoughts that something is wrong with Lockwoods. 

So let’s find out what is the thing with Lockwoods, are they also vampires or something else and who stabbed John Gilbert, is it Elena’s hatred towards him or is it Katherine?

Katherine is back in town

The season begins with the villainous arrival of Katherine Pierce in the Mystic Falls that throws a wrench into the love triangle between the two brothers and their love interest Elena. Katherine plays mind games and pretends to be Elena around Damon and others in the town. Elena reaches home and finds uncle John lying on the kitchen floor with his fingers slashed off and stabbed in the abdomen. She immediately ran upstairs to check on Jeremy who had taken a handful of pills with Anna’s blood to return as a vampire. He came back as a human, as he hasn’t taken enough pills to die and Anna’s blood just cured the effect of the pills. Caroline is in the hospital in a critical condition after the car crash. Bonnie and Elena asked Damon to feed her some of his blood to ensure she heals quickly. 

Damon snaps Jeremy’s neck in a rage after getting rejected by Katherine and Elena but he comes back to life as he was wearing uncle John’s ring that brings him back from a supernatural death cause. 

Caroline turns vampire

Katherine shows up at the hospital and kills Caroline with a message “Game on” for Salvatore brothers knowing she has vampire blood in her system.

Caroline returns as a vampire and steals a blood bag to complete her transition. She learnt some of the vampire tricks like mind-controlling and feeding on humans. As she planned a carnival she checked out of the hospital at night and went to school. There she discovers that now she is stronger but fails in controlling her blood lust and kills someone. Stefan helps her to control her blood lust and gives her a ring that protects her from getting burnt in the sunlight. 

Werewolf Curse

Tyler meets his uncle Mason who arrives in town after the death of his brother Mayor Richard. At the funeral of Mayor Lockwood, Katherine appears and again pretends to be Elena. Tyler comes to know about their family curse which Mason explained to him, the werewolf curse. But the curse only is triggered if you kill someone. 

And next Tyler accidentally kills a girl by pushing her into a sharp desk corner. 

On the next full moon, Tyler’s transformation starts and Caroline didn’t leave him alone during the transformation, that brings them closer. 


Katherine searches for the moonstone that is believed to break the sun and the moon curse, that makes vampires walk in the sun and werewolves were no more enslaved to the moon. 

But couldn’t succeed and end up trapped in the tomb. 

Here comes Elijah, a vampire from the original vampire family who is in search of Elena as she is Katherine’s doppelganger. A doppelganger’s blood is needed to break the moonstone curse. Elena gets kidnapped by Rose and her brother who are vampires and are running from Elijah since centuries. They decided to offer the doppelganger to Elijah in return for their freedom. But Elijah kills her brother, Stefan and Demon arrives to save Elena and kills Elijah without knowing the fact that originals can’t be killed with an ordinary wooden stake. 

Elijah’s return 

Elijah returns and attacks Elena’s close one’s while Rose tells Stefan, Demon and Elena about a doppelganger’s significance to break the curse and spills some beans about the originals. They planned a trap to kill Elijah and moved a dagger through his heart that kept him dead until Elena removed it in return of a promise to protect her friends and family.

Meanwhile, Rose got bitten by a werewolf named Jules who is Mason’s friend. She came after Damon when she came to know that he killed Mason. Werewolf bite can kill a vampire, Rose sinks into slow decay. Damon couldn’t see her as this and mercy stakes her. 

Elijah reveals that he is keeping Elena safe from his brother who is also an original vampire as well as a werewolf.

Klaus Breaks the Curse

Klaus wants to break the curse that witches have put on him to subdue the half-werewolf of him. To break this curse Klaus needs a witch to perform the ritual, sacrifice of a werewolf and a vampire, blood of a doppelganger and the moonstone. He plans to use Bonnie, Caroline and Tyler for the ritual. But the table turned when he brought his own witch and for the sacrifice of werewolf uses Jules and turns Jenna into a vampire. 

He succeeded in breaking the curse by sacrificing Jules and Jenna and draining Elena out of all her blood and became half-vampire and the half-werewolf, a new type of hybrid. 

At the moment Bonnie and Elijah arrive to kill Klaus but Elijah ends up saving him. 

Elena comes back to life by a life swap ritual with her father. 

When Klaus and Elijah reach home Klaus daggered Elijah. 

Damon on Deathbed

At Jenna and John’s funeral, Damon revealed to Stefan that he is accidentally bitten by Tyler and attempts to kill himself as he has seen Rose’s suffering from the same pain. He starts hallucinating and couldn’t differentiate between his past life with Katherine and present life with Elena. 

Sheriff Forbes kills Jeremy by accidentally shooting him. Bonnie demands his ancestors to bring him back to life as she has gotten close to him but the witches are angry with her for borrowing their powers. Jeremy comes back to life but with some consequences. 

Bonnie reveals to Stefan that Klaus’s blood is the key to save Demon’s life. Klaus agreed to save his brother but in return he wants Stefan’s ripper self to enslave him. 

While Stefan bargaining himself to Klaus to save Demon’s life, Elena was comforting Demon from his hallucinations. Katherine reaches with the cure with the news that Stefan is paying for this cure. 

Stefan who is now turned into a “Ripper” kills a girl and leaves town with Klaus. 

Jeremy started seeing ghosts of Anna and Vicki in the house as the consequences that witches have warned for. 

In season 2 we got to know about Katherine’s life and some highlights about the original family. Season 3 brings more about the original family of vampires. There will be more drama and action and maybe we will get to know more about the supernatural world. 

Stay tuned for the upcoming blog that will take us deep into the world of vampires from The Vampire Diaries. 

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