The Vampire Diaries Season 3

In the previous blog, we got to know about season 2 of The Vampire Diaries and some brief intro of season 1. This blog will take you to the magical and supernatural journey of The Vampire Diaries season 3 and introduce to you more supernatural beings. 

In season 2 we got to know about  Katherine’s villainous return to the town in which she plays mind games with people and pretends to be Elena. Katherine turned Caroline into a vampire and Tyler triggered his curse and turned into a werewolf. Everyone in the town is in search of moonstone that is said to break the sun and the moon curse. Later we found that an original vampire named Klaus wants to break this curse so that he can turn into a hybrid. For the ritual, Klaus killed Jules and Jenna and drained Elena out of the blood. But Bonnie brought her back by a life swapping spell with John. Sheriff Forbes accidentally shoots Jeremy, he comes back to life but with consequences. Damon accidentally got bitten by Tyler that made him lay on a deathbed. Stefan saved him by bargaining his life to Klaus. 

Season ends with Stefan leaving town with Klaus and Jeremy facing the consequences of coming back to life by seeing Ghosts. 

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 –

Elena’s 18th Birthday 

Season 3 starts with Elena’s birthday party that is arranged by Caroline at Salvatore’s house. Stefan and Klaus hunt werewolves so that Klaus can create a werewolf army by killing them with his hybrid blood in their system. 

Damon tries to track Stefan but he doesn’t want to be tracked and kills Andie to warn him. 

Caroline and Tyler spend the night at Tyler’s home. While Caroline was sneaking out in the morning Tyler’s mother shoots her with the vervain darts. 


Klaus tries to turn the entire pack of werewolves into hybrids but he fails and they all die. This upsets Klaus as he was sure that he has done everything right unknowing the fact that the doppelganger Elena is still alive. Alaric calls Demon to join him and Elena on their way to Tennessee in search of Stefan. Damon almost got bitten by a werewolf but Stefan saved him again, he asks everyone to go back and stop following him. Tyler senses vervain in his coffee and finds out that his mother has taken Caroline hostage. 

He gets angry and forces her mother to see his transition into a werewolf so that she can realize that Caroline isn’t a monster. She called her counterpart Bill to let go of Caroline but he didn’t. Later Bill turned to be Caroline’s father. 

Tyler contacts Sheriff Forbes to save Caroline. Meanwhile, Bill tortures her to control her urges for blood so that she can be saved. Tyler and Sheriff Forbes successfully rescued Caroline from Bill. 


Klaus and Stefan go to Chicago, when they enter into a bar Stefan sees a picture of him and Klaus. Stefan flashes back to the 1920s, where it is discovered that Stefan was friends with Klaus and was in love with his sister Rebekah. 

Katherine calls Demon and lets him know that Stefan is in Chicago, Elena and Damon follow them. Stefan realises that Klaus is running from someone who is after him from a very long time. 

Klaus and Stefan visit a witch to know why Klaus is failing in creating hybrids. The witch tortures Stefan and goes into his mind, she finds out that the doppelganger is still alive. Katherine arrives on time and kills the witch. Stefan discovers that Klaus and Rebekah are running from Mikael who is their father and also a vampire hunter. 

Jeremy sees Anna’s ghost who warns him about Vicki’s intentions and asks him to not help Vicki. Bonnie returns to the town and Jeremy fills her with the fact that he is seeing ghosts. Klaus brings back Stefan to Mystic Falls to find out what he is hiding from him. 

Klaus turns Tyler into hybrid

As Klaus returns to Mystic Falls he finds that Elena is alive, he kills Tyler after feeding him his blood and threatens Bonnie to find a way to make hybrid otherwise Tyler will die. Klaus figures out Elena’s blood can create the hybrid so he compels a nurse to drain Elena’s blood to create hybrids successfully. Demon shows up and saves Elena by telling Klaus that Mikael is coming.

Meanwhile, Katherine and Stefan go on a road trip to find Mikael. Matt drowns into a pool to see his sister Vicki, she tells her that she can come back for good. Bonnie saves Matt’s life by saving him from drowning. Katherine finds Mikael in a cemetery. 

Jeremy and Bonnie face problems in their relationship as Jeremy continues seeing his ex-girlfriend Anna’s ghost. 

Vicki’s ghost convinces Matt to perform a ritual that can bring her back. He successfully does that, she reveals that a witch will help her if she kills Elena. Alaric and Elena capture Stefan at a bonfire. Vicki tries to kill Elena by setting Alaric’s van on fire, Elena saves Stefan from the burning van. Bonnie sends Vicki back on the other side that leads to open vail of the other side. 

Ghosts from the past

When Damon reaches home he finds Mason’s ghost waiting for him that tortures Damon for what he did to him but ends up revealing the weapon that can kill the originals. Lexi’s ghost tries to get Stefan to regain his humanity. Elena caught Jeremy kissing Anna’s ghost. The ghost of vampires from the tomb appears to kill the founding family. As Bonnie’s grandmother also appears she teams up with her and sends all the ghosts back by putting the vail back of the other side. 

Rebekah tells Elena the history of her family and her violent past with Klaus and Elijah. 

Klaus throws a party in which all plans Klaus’s death with Mikael’s help. Damon snapped Stefan’s neck and Elena daggered Rebekah so that none of them discloses the plan to Klaus. 

Stefan arrives to save Klaus and Mikael gets killed. Klaus sets him free but he develops rage for him. He steals coffins of his family and hides them with Bonnie’s help. Tyler tries to harm Jeremy due to his sire bond with Klaus. Elena sends Jeremy out of town so that he can’t get harmed. Alaric meets the beautiful Dr Fell who is also a member of the founder’s council. 

The Originals 

Bonnie meets her mother Abby who has left her 15 years ago because of some reasons. She wants Abby to help her to open one of Klaus’s family’s coffin. Klaus succeeded in finding all the coffins but couldn’t find one. Bonnie opened the coffin with the help of Abby and later it is revealed that it was Easter the original witch and Klaus’s mother in the Coffin.

Easter throws a ball dance party to introduce her family with the town’s people but it is not the actual reason for the party. She invited Elena to use her blood to link all of her children so that she can reverse their vampirism and kill them. 

When she tries to cast the spell by linking Bonnie and Abby’s powers, Demon turns Abby into a vampire that leads to the failure of the spell. 

Rebekah and Klaus discover that there is more white oak tree left that can kill the original vampire. 


Here we get introduced with a guest character Sage who is a 900-year-old vampire turned by Finn the original vampire. We got to know that Sage meets Damon and Stefan back in 1912 in flashbacks. Meanwhile, Dr Fell tells Alaric about his alter ego that has killed the council members. 

Sage double-crosses Damon when he wants her help to figure out what is in Rebekah’s mind. She tells Rebekah about Damon’s intention and helps her burn the white oak’s wood which is used in Weckery Bridge. Later they discovered that the signboard is still there which is made with the same wood. They made stakes to kill the originals as they are linked to each other they decided to kill only one. Matt successfully kills Finn but Klaus till then unlinked themselves from each other by threatening Bonnie. Finn’s death leads to the death of the vampires of his bloodline. Elena and Demon visit Jeremy so that he can contact Rose’s ghost to know whose bloodline they belong to. There they shared a steamy kiss which got interrupted by Jeremy. 

Easter shows up at Klaus’s mansion and takes over Rebekah’s body and team’s up with Alaric. 

Alaric: The New Original

In the 20s decade dance, Easter traps all the vampires inside the school and forces Elena to take part in the ritual that will turn Alaric into an original vampire. Alaric kills Easter and decides to not complete the transition but Easter has compelled Bonnie to feed Alaric her blood so that the transition can be completed. Later they find out that Elena’s life is linked to Alaric when he is trying to kill Klaus, Elena threatens Alaric to kill herself. Matt drugs Elena to drive her out of Mystic Falls. Alaric finds Klaus’s location and drives the white oak stake through his heart. Bonnie shifts Klaus into Tyler’s that saved  Klaus’s bloodline. Elena thinks that Salvatores are dying, she decides to come back to Mystic Falls. On their way back, Rebekah drives them off the bridge in an attempt to kill Alaric who is linked to Elena to save her family. 

Stefan dives down to save them but Elena makes him save Matt first. Season 3 ends with Elena’s death but later Dr. Fell revealed that Elena had vampire blood in her system. 

Will Elena return as a vampire or she will die. And will Klaus now pretend to be Tyler? All the questions will be revealed in season 4 so stay tuned for next The Vampire Diaries season 3 blog to clear all your doubts about the supernatural world and it’s supernatural beings. 

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