Vampire Diaries Season 1: Story, Highlights, Revelations

The Vampire Diaries is an American supernatural fantasy series created by Kevin Williamson and Julia Plec. This show is a TV adaptation of young adult novels of the same name by L.J. Smith. First season of The Vampire Diaries began airing in the US on The CW on September 10, 2009 and finalized on March 10, 2017. The show enthralled viewers for eight seasons and has created a huge fanbase. The Vampire Diaries show has created dense folklore over the years that keeps its diehard fan’s head spinning even after the show has ended in 2017.

The series showcases lives, loves, dangers and disasters in a fictional small town full of supernatural creatures like vampires, hybrids, doppelgangers, witches, originals, travellers, heretics and werewolves, of Mystic Falls, Virginia. Residents of this town have a long history of trying to co-exist with the supernatural creatures that go bump into the night. During 8 seasons characters have come and gone and those who remain have been transformed by the supernatural and magical world they inhabit. 

Beginning of First Season

The first season began with the premise of Stefan Salvatore portrayed by Paul Wesley and Demon Salvatore portrayed by Ian Somerhalder returning to Mystic Falls, their hometown. 

Elena Gilbert played by Nina Dobrev and Jeremy Gilbert played by Steven R. McQueen, still adjusting to their new truth after the four months of a tragic car accident in which their parents died. 

Elena has always been popular and involved with school and friends but now she is battling to hide her sorrows from the world. They are now living with their cool yet overwhelmed Aunt Jenna played by Sara Canning who is trying her best to be a good guardian for them. 

While Elena manages to find her comfort with her best friend Bonnie played by Kat Graham and frenemy for this season later transformed bestie Caroline Forbes played by Candice King, at the same time Jeremy has found his comfort in a dangerous path, he started hanging out with stoners and using drugs to suppress his pain. 

As the school year begins 

The school year begins at Mystic Falls High School, on the first day of school Elena and her friends are fascinated by a mysterious new student Stefan Salvatore. Elena and Stefan are instantly drawn to each other, but Elena is confused by Stefan’s weird behaviour on his sudden appearance at the cemetery. Stefan is a vegan vampire as he only feeds on animal blood. 

The next night at a bonfire party, Elena is just getting to know Stefan more, the havoc erupts when Vicki; played by Kayla Ewell, Matt’s sister is attacked and bleeding from a bite on the neck. 

Matt Donavan; played by Zach Roerig is Elena’s ex-boyfriend. Stefan immediately returns home fearing that he knows who has done this, finds his older brother at home Damon whom he hasn’t seen for years. 

Damon’s Arrival 

Demon is also a Vampire and as he is less vegan he is stronger than Stefan and naughtier too. Fans are drawn towards the bad-boy antics of Damon and of course, Elena is also drawn towards him, its just that she doesn’t admit it openly.  

Elena meets Demon as Stefan’s only family estate, he was behaving himself all sexy and mischievous around her and mentioned Stefan’s ex-love interest, Katherine Pierce; also played by Nina Dobrev, and also gave her hint that Stefan stole Katherine from him. 

Katherine Pierce 

The creators used the first season to explain the backstory of Stefan, Damon and Katherine with the help of flashbacks. Both the brothers have a long and bitter history of their love for Katherine. 

Damon was impatient and clearly interested in Elena, Stefan understands Demons obsession with Elena since she looks exactly like Katherine. Stefan and Elena continue dating, meanwhile, Elena saw an old photo of Salvatore relative who looks exactly like Stefan. He releases himself as a vampire in front of her, his dark deadly secret that he has been hiding from her.

After sleeping with him she discovers another photograph in Stefan’s room that made her freaked out as the person in the picture is Katherine who looks exactly like her. 

Later she also discovered that Stefan is the one who has saved her in the car crash in which she lost her parents. 

Supernatural World

In this supernatural world, if a human dies with vampire blood in their system, they return as a Vampire. That’s what happened to Vicki, Demon killed her after feeding her his blood. She returned as an uncontrollable and wild kind of a vampire and Stefan is forced to stake her as she tries to kill Jeremy at a school party. Demon compels Caroline to feed on her. 

Bonnie begins to develop witchy powers and discovers that she is descended from a long line of witches which has begun with the powers of Emily Bennett who is a friend to Katherine back in the days. 

Sheriff Forbes, Caroline’s mom is a part of Founders Council which is a group of town’s important descendants who fights the vampires in secret and is well aware of the history of vampires and witches in the town. Damon joins the council with her and kills Lexi. She is Stefan’s best vampire friend who has visited Stefan for his birthday. After this, the rift has increased between Stefan and Demon. Damon gets tired of Caroline and attempts to kill her, later Caroline starts dating Matt.  

As Demon killed their history teacher a new teacher named Alaric Saltzman; played by Matthew Davis, came to the town. He takes Jeremy under his wing and encourages him to research an old Gilbert family journal that Jeremy has found. Meanwhile, Jeremy met and started dating Anna, a loner geeky girl who later revealed herself as a vampire. 

The Tomb

Later Damon revealed that he returned to the town to free Katherine, as she was entombed with other vampires back in 1864. Anna also came to free her mother Pearl from the same tomb. 

Elena also discovered that she is adopted and her birth parents are Isobel, Alaric’s ex-wife and John, who is thought to be her disliked uncle. 

Both Alaric and John fancy themselves as vampire hunters because of their personal destructions. 

After some time Damon manages to open the tomb with the help of Bonnie and her grandmother. Katherine is not inside the tomb, Demon realises that she cared nothing for him and this sinks him into depression. Isobel makes a short appearance to see Elena. Demon had turned Isobel into a vampire, though Alaric had believed her dead. 

Founder’s Day 

Elena’s uncle John used Founders Day fiasco and the town’s citizenry as a lure to catch the bloodsuckers in town, as many vampires have escaped from the tomb. He set up a vampire paralyzing device that has made a certain sound that causes the paralyzing effect to the vampires. He and his henchmen vervained paralyzed vampires, they locked them in an old building basement and set it on fire. Damon and Anna along with mayor Lockwood got captured during the vampire raid. Stefan managed to escape the device with the help of Alaric and Elena. He was able to save Damon with Bonnie’s magical assistance. Jeremy swallowed a handful of sleeping pills with a vial of Anna’s blood and claimed into bed after knowing that Anna is dead. 

While downstairs in the kitchen his uncle John is having a conversation with Elena. Suddenly he realized that it’s not Elena when his fingers got slashed off. As he began to utter Katherine he got stabbed by her. 

The season showcased in 22 episodes, each and every character is well described and had an interesting backstory that gets unfolded season by season. 

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