Top 5 Lockdown Recipes to Try this Summer

The world is locked indoors but your cravings and hunger can’t be locked. While we are not allowed to go outside and have our favourite food fantasies. We can always try to make these dishes at home to satisfy our cravings.

Lockdown has given people more time to spend with family and utilize this time in a good way.

So, why not spend some time in the kitchen and give your loved ones a treat made from a handful of kitchen ingredients.

In this difficult time, we have limited resources so let’s try to make some popular dishes that we crave for very often we these restricted ingredients. These recipes are easy to make and need fewer ingredients that are commonly available in your kitchen shelves. 

From cake, pizza and ice-cream here we got all the mouthwatering dishes in a simple way that you must be craving for. 

Here are 5 dishes to fulfil your lockdown cravings-

  1. Pinwheel Samosa

Samosa is one of the most loved snacks in the desi community. Whether it is hot or cold in your surroundings, people want their samosa’s hot and fresh. But the traditional samosa takes lots of time and effort. It cannot be made by anyone in every circumstance due to its preparation time and required ingredients. So, here’s a simple version of samosa for you.

Pinwheel samosa is a simple yet tasty version of the traditional Aloo Samosa. This samosa resembles bhakarwadi and can also be called aloo bhakarwadi.

To prepare this samosa you need very few ingredients. Firstly prepare the dough with all-purpose flour (maida) and semolina. Prepare the potato stuffing by mixing the required spices. Roll the dough and spread the stuffing evenly over it. Roll it tight by making the stuffing intact. Cut the roll in equal pieces and slightly flatten them. Dip the pinwheel samosa in the maida paste and deep fry. Fry until it turns golden and crisp.

Serve the Pinwheel samosa with the green chutney or ketchup. 

  1. Mocha Coffee Cake 

Cakes are essential for every happy occasion. In this lockdown time, you cannot easily get enough ingredients for a fancy cake but that doesn’t mean you have to celebrate your special day without cutting the cake. 

Mocha Coffee cake is the perfect cake recipe for such occasions where you have limited resources for you want to surprise your loved ones with an easy to make treat. Mocha Coffee Cake is very easy and quick to prepare. Start by beating the coffee with sugar in a big bowl. Continue beating until the sugar is dissolved. Add butter and a few drops of vanilla essence. Now add all-purpose flour and baking powder and mix all the ingredients well. Add some milk and prepare a smooth paste. Pour the batter in the greased pan. Steam cook for 20-30 minutes in a cooker or deep based pan. 

Your cake is ready to serve. Enjoy your special day with the Mocha Coffee Cake! 

  1. No Cheese Pizza

Yes, you read it right Pizza without ‘cheese’. But how is it possible to imagine a pizza without cheese and delicious toppings over it. Well, here we present an equally tasty pizza made possible without cheese. Let’s see how to make this No Cheese Pizza and by the way, it is no cheese, no yeast, no-bake pizza.

To prepare this No Cheese Pizza you first need to prepare some white sauce. Heat some butter in a pan and roast 2 tsp of all-purpose flour, you can also use ghee or homemade butter instead of refined salted butter. Add milk and prepare a sauce-like consistency and keep the sauce aside. Now knead the pizza dough by adding melted ghee, curd, and salt to the flour and let it rest for some time. Roll the dough, spread some tomato ketchup on it and cover it with your homemade white sauce. Sprinkle veggie toppings, some chilli flakes, and oregano, if available. Transfer the pizza in a plate and toast it in a deep pan for about 20-25 minutes.

Your delicious no cheese pizza is ready to serve hot. 

  1. Chocolate Ice Cream

Summers and ice creams go hand in hand but due to the lockdown, our favourite Chocolate Ice Cream is unable to reach us. Well here is an easy way to enjoy everyone’s favourite Chocolate Ice Cream this summer lockdown. It can be prepared easily and with a few ingredients.

Let’s make everyone’s favourite chocolate ice cream. Heat a pan and add milk in it. Add some cream or malai and heat it for some time. Now add sugar and let it dissolve. Add 2 tsp cornstarch in it and stir it continuously so it doesn’t form lumps. Once it is cooled, mix it in a blender so that it becomes smooth and creamy. Pour the mixture in an airtight container and freeze it for some hours. Mix it again in a blender so that the ice cream will be more creamy. Now finally freeze for a couple of hours and your Chocolate Ice Cream is ready.

Serve the ice cream with some chocolate syrup or sprinkle some roasted dry fruits. 

  1. No Bread Sandwich

You must be thinking about how can one make sandwiches without bread. This sandwich will clear all your doubts with its super amazing and crispy taste. Sandwiches are loved by everyone and are easy to make breakfast but during this lockdown maybe one can’t have bread available at home. At such times this sandwich recipe is very suitable and very easy to make.

To make these sandwiches all you need is wheat flour, semolina, boiled potato, curd, some veggies, and spices. Roast the wheat flour and semolina separately and transfer it to a bowl. Once it cools add curd and water to prepare a smooth batter. Cover and leave it for some time. Now prepare the potato mixture, add veggies, and spices in mashed potatoes. Add the potato mixture into the batter and mix it well. Take a sandwich maker, pour the mixture in it and cook it from both sides. And, your sandwiches are ready! Enjoy it with some green chutney or ketchup by the side. 

With these easy and quick recipes, you can make your lockdown days interesting and fun. Spend some time in the kitchen experimenting new dishes and delight your family’s food cravings. Utilize this time and make most out of it. And more importantly, Stay Home, Stay Safe!

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