Lockdown 5.0 Guidelines in India after 31 May

india lockdown 5.0 guidelines

India is set to exit the nationwide Lockdown 4.0 on 31 May 2020. The country is locked in homes since March 24 when the first lockdown was announced. Lockdown 5.0 is expected to be more liberal for the nation. States will announce lockdown 5.0 guidelines before the current period ends.

New Lockdown Guidelines are expected to come from respective chief minister from the states. PM Modi will not announce lockdown 5.0 as he gave power to states. Centre may let state governments decide how they will process COVID-19 containment in their area. Lockdown 4.0 was termed as Opening 1.0 by many. The non restrictive nature and focus on containment zones was highlighted in lockdown 4.0 guidelines.

Final Exit Plan in Lockdown 5.0 Guidelines

There are 4 days left for lockdown 4.0 to end, but media has already started speculating about lockdown 5.0 guidelines. Some media houses have cited a possibility that government could impose lockdown 5.0 in only 11 cities that are at high risk of Coronavirus infections. According to reports cities including Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, and Jaipur will be guided towards an extended lockdown period.

Lockdown 5.0 in Chennai, Ahmadabad, Indore, Surat, Kolkata, Thane, and Bengaluru is also possible. These 11 cities account for most Coronavirus infections in India. Government can also allow opening religious places of worship in lockdown 5.0 guidelines. However, such reports have been denied by the country’s home ministry.

LIVE Coronavirus case count in India

PM Modi Mann Ki Baat on May 31

Sunday, 31 May 2020 is coincidentally the last day of lockdown 4.0 and the day PM Modi comes on AIR for Mann Ki Baat program. He generally shares his thoughts about ongoing topics. This Sunday’s Mann Ki Baat might be crucial as the PM may announce additional steps for Coronavirus control.

Speculations say the PM may also reveal extra measures the country will follow in lockdown 5.0. There is no clear indication yet whether PM Modi will give out lockdown 5.0 guidelines or not. His council of ministers have been proactive in conducting press meets and other informative affairs.

Probable Lockdown 5.0 guidelines

1. States will decide permissible activities according to the ground-level situation. They will make rules regarding what will be allowed and what not.

2. All activities in Containment zones will remain barred. Zero non-essential movement and strict police action.

3. Central government to come up with a new list of activities that will stay prohibited across India. These activities will only be allowed once India declares Coronavirus pandemic under control.

4. As of now, no school is allowed to reopen before 15 June 2020. School reopening date in India may also be extended to August 2020.

5. Opening of Shopping Malls and complexes will also be decided in the new lockdown 5.0. Government leave the final decision of opening on local authorities.

6. Public transport services like metro and buses are likely to resume with social distancing measures in place. More emphasis will be put on hygiene and safety.

7. Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Indore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Thane, Surat, Bengaluru, and Kolkata will remain the focus of lockdown 5.0.

8. Religious places may be allowed to reopen from June 1. However, no religious gatherings will be allowed. Some states have already written to the centre asking permission to open religious places.

9. Reopening restaurants and other eateries will also be decided by state governments. A relaxed measure may be announced for them.

10. No international flights may be allowed operate during lockdown 5.0

Current Coronavirus Situation in India

Coronavirus news in India is on everyone’s mind at the moment. The country has confirmed more than 158,000 as of 11:30 am IST on 28 May 2020. Lockdown 5.0 guidelines in India will depend on the infections growth rate and a number of other factors. A final decision could be soon expected from the authorities. It will determine whether Indians stay into confinement for another period or they return back to normal.

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