India China War is a distinct possibility amid Coronavirus

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As Coronavirus pandemic ravishes life out of the globe, two Asian nations have reached to the brink of war. India and China have again started to place their military establishments in Ladakh and nearby area. India China War seems to a clear possibility when the world’s two biggest populations move to up their trade. While India has inducted new plans to boost its economy post coronavirus pandemic, China is working to maintain its existing trade relations with global consumers.

China to Evacuate Citizens from India

China is using coronavirus pandemic to bring back its citizens from India. Many Chinese citizens are stuck in India due to Coronavirus travel restrictions. A notice published on the website of the Chinese embassy in India says that students, tourists, and businessmen who are stranded in India will be allowed to fly back. Special flights will be arranged for their return to China.

China cited reasons that their citizens are not safe given the current Coronavirus outbreak in India. But the country has not initiated any such evacuation measure from Brazil or Russia. The two countries have more than double cases than India. Source denies any links of the evacuation to the India China border dispute. However, the possibility of an India China standoff 2020 could not be ignored.

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India China Border Tension on rise

After the 2017 India China Doklam border standoff situation has been tense in the Tibetan region. Chinese troops have often been noticed constructing new roads, military establishments, and logistics capabilities in the area. India China War of 1962 created enough problems for both countries. A new border dispute between China India could create further issues. India China standoff in 2017 forced both countries to evaluate their neighbours. China relationship with India’s neighbours has also put pressure on the Indian government. India’s arch-enemy Pakistan is the current best buddy of China.

Watch- India China Military Comparison

China expands Airbase near Ladakh

Latest Satellite images show massive construction activity at a Chinese airbase. It is said to be located just 200 kilometres away from the Pangong Lake, the site of the skirmish between forces of India and China on May 5 and May 6.

Two images, exclusively sourced from the open-source intelligence expert detresfa_ , an analyst with ShadowBreak International, show the Ngari Gunsa airport in Tibet. The first image is dated 6 April 2020 while the second one is dated 21 May 2020. They show massive construction activity including the addition of what appears to be a second taxi-track. It could also be a secondary tarmac to position combat aircraft or helicopters. A third image shows a close-up of the main tarmac at the airport with a line-up of four fighter jets. They are believed to be either J-11 or J-16 fighters of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force.

What is LAC or Line of Actual Control

LAC between India and China is the line where both countries hold their troops. It is often the place where last countries decided on maintaining peace. Geographical boundaries do not constitute for it. LAC is different from LOC, Line of Control, as it is the original placement of both armies on either sides of a border.

What could happen next in China India dispute

As tensions increase, India and China both are trying to avoid a war-like situation. A war between China and India could be a possibility but nothing can be said given the current health crisis. China is trying to patch relations with global economies after it was accused of Coronavirus pandemic. India China war if happens will be an added burden for both countries and their economies. China’s occasional badgering around the LAC with India will also see increasing problems in the coming years.

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