Easy Mojito Recipe- Best Summer Drink

Summers can be fantastic with a glass of cocktail in the hand and there is nothing better than the Classic Mojito. If you need to sip a cocktail while chilling by the pool or just need a cool off drink for the backyard grilling, Mojitos fit perfectly for every occasion.

There are only a few drinks that can compete with the incredible taste of this classic. Its minty refreshing flavour and the booziness of rum hits everyone’s taste buds pleasantly. 

Today, Mojito is a popular cocktail around the world and is ruling everyone’s heart but do you know from where this amazing cocktail recipe has originated and how old this recipe really is.

Here are some facts about this minty classic cocktail that will amaze you like it’s taste. 

Mojito: A Cuban Highball

Mojito is a Cuban rum highball with a hint of mint and lime in it which is popularly recognised everywhere nowadays. This classic cocktail originated in Cuba and is one of the oldest mixed drink. It is 500 years old, discovered in the 1500s but there is no exact theory behind its origination.

The name Mojito comes from the word ‘mojo’ which means talisman and magic charm. It is believed that the name has African roots as the name is given by the African slaves working in Cuba.

But mojito wasn’t served as a cocktail from the beginning. Earlier, Mojito was used for medicinal purposes. Pirates used to create drinks with lime, sugar, mint, and aguardiente ‘early rum’ to treat diseases like scurvy and dysentery. Mojito made its official debut when aguardiente was switched out for real rum. As known, Mojito is a popular cocktail in America but recently this cocktail has gained popularity in other parts of the world too. 

Rising of Mojito

Mi mojito en La Bodeguita 

Ernest Hemingway was an American writer who is claimed for the popularity of this drink. While spending time in Cuba he drank Mojito in a Havana bar. Hemingway got mesmerised by its taste and expressed his love for this drink with a handwritten quote on a wall signed by him.

James Bond and Mojito

Mojito came back in action when it was mentioned in 2002 released James Bond movie ‘Die Another Day’. In a scene where Halle Berry walking out of the pool up to Pierce Brosnan who is shown casually sipping a drink then asked her “Mojito? You should try it”. Since then, ‘James Bond Mojito’ is a thing at many places.

And then the popularity of Mojito has risen than never before because come on, if someone as cool as 007 is sipping on the mojito then why not the others want to try this casual sipping of this classic cocktail in the bar.

Mojito vs Virgin Mojito

Mojito is originally a rum-based cocktail and also can be prepared with whiskey, vodka, and tequila.

Virgin mojito is the name given to an alcohol-free version of the mojito, it is also known as ‘Nojito’.

Boozing can not always be possible but if you still have the cravings for Mojito. You can just skip the booze part from it. Even without the alcohol, it won’t lose its charm and yet be refreshing and calming. You can still chill with the same cocktail glass, just without being tipsy. 

Variations of Mojito

Mojito is just like a perfect canvas that can be used for a variety of fruity and boozy flavours. 

We can see many variations of mojito. It is very popular in Cuban and Mexican restaurants. They are supposed to be made with rum but many restaurants have started making this cocktail with tequila, whiskey, and vodka. These variations not only stop here, but people have also tried making desserts with Mojito. 

How to make Classic Mojito

Classic Mojito Recipe is very simple and can be prepared in very less time. It needs very basic and few ingredients. You can prepare this recipe in a large quantity and make your friends and guests spend some more time with you.

Let’s see what ingredients you need for Classic Mojito

  • Fresh mint leaves 
  • 1 lime, cut into wedges
  • 2 tsp /as per taste sugar
  • 1 cup of ice cubes
  • ½ cup club soda 

Steps to make Classic Mojito

  • Take a glass, muddle the mint leaves and lime wedges into the glass to squeeze its flavour.
  • Put some ice cubes in the glass and pour rum over the ice. 
  • Fill the remaining glass with soda water.

Garnish with some mint leaves and lemon wedges while serving and your favourite drink is ready!

Now, just subtract the rum from this mojito to make it your favourite virgin drink! 

Enjoy your summers with this clean and simple highball refreshment and make your summer days more chilling and refreshing. Remember Mojito is stirred, not shaken and life feels much better with this Cuban cocktail in hand.

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