Complete Detox Guide for Beginners- What, How & Ways


Detox or detoxification is gaining intense popularity these days. As people become more and more health-conscious, their concern towards their health and fitness lead them towards trying different diets and foods. It basically means eliminating toxins and waste products out of your body with the help of certain diets and food items.

Although our body is self equipped to eliminate toxins but on some times detoxing the body is necessary for healthy living. In fact, it is the first step to your weight loss journey. Once you have detoxed your body, you are good to go to follow certain diets and weight loss programs. 

Besides the benefits of detoxing, many questions arise in people’s minds. Can detox help with weight loss? Are detox drinks safe? Can detox water cause acne? In this blog, we are going to discuss all the myths and questions related to detox.

But first of all, we need to know what detox actually means? Let’s have a look at “What is a detox?”

What is a Detox?

Detox benefits and methods

This method of purification is necessary for our body as it goes through modern pollution and unhealthy foods regularly. Detoxing the body eliminates toxins and cleanses the body inside out. 

The process of the detoxing body involves certain types of diets followed by fruits and vegetables. This diet also includes detox water and detox teas.  

Detoxing is claimed to give rest to your organs by fasting, boost your liver to get rid of toxins, eliminate toxins from your body through feces, sweat and urine, improve blood circulation and provide healthy nutrients to your body. 

These diets help with various health issues including obesity, digestive problems, information, bloating and chronic fatigue. 

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Ways to detox your body

Detoxing your body is not that difficult that you think it is. Detoxing the body can be done easily by following simple steps and avoiding some unhealthy elements. 

Here some way with which you can detox your body naturally and more efficiently-

1. Drink lots of water

The best of detoxing is to start with drinking lots of water. Water itself is a great detox drink that helps your body eliminate toxins from the body. Hydrating yourself is the best and foremost way to detox the body. 

You can start with the tall glass of water in the morning with lemon squeezed in it. The lemon in the water will turn the liver on a detox mode so that it can flush the toxic elements out of the body. 

2. Limit alcohol intake

For detoxing the liver you must need to limit your alcohol intakes. Consuming too much alcohol affects the functioning of the liver like filtering waste and other toxins out of the body and leads to fat build-up and inflammation.

The liver is the organ that detoxifies your body naturally. To make your liver work efficiently you need to detox it first. 

3. Regular Exercise

regular exercise for body

Getting yourself active is necessary to not only detoxify your body but also it leads to many health benefits. Regular exercise and activeness will take you towards healthier living. It is required to spend 20-30 mins daily exercising. This will help your body’s detoxing system to work properly. 

Exercising regularly will also enhance digestion, strengthen your body, increases stamina and reduces tension. 

4. Avoid refined sugar 

Start avoiding refined sugar and go for healthy and natural options for sugar intake. If you crave for sugary treats try to reach for healthier options like fruits or a small bite of dark chocolate instead of reaching for unhealthy options like sweets, doughnuts, cookies or cakes. You can also sprinkle some cinnamon over your smoothies or yoghurt to satisfy your sweet tooth. Cinnamon also helps in controlling blood sugar level. 

5. Avoid junk and processed food

Junk and processed foods are the main cause of many health problems like obesity and heart diseases. These diseases become a big hindrance to the natural detoxification of the body. Replace junk foods with healthier options like vegetables and fruits. If you’re in a mood of snacking, go for some seeds and nuts instead of grabbing a bag of chips. 

6. More fruits and veggies

Whether you are planning to detox or to follow any other weight loss diet a bowl full of colourful vegetables and fruits is a great option to start with. Instead of following crazy diet plans just include more veggies and fruits in your regular diet. Yes, you need to follow other steps also but this one is the main. Eat more and more fresh vegetables and fruits for a healthy living. 

7. Take proper sleep

detox sleep for health

Taking proper sleep is as necessary as regular exercise and a healthy diet. Proper sleep is itself a great healthy detox. Poor sleep is a big cause of many health issues. Fix your sleeping routine and avoid having late meals. Avoid using TV, computer and smartphones before 1-2 hours of bedtime. This will help you sleep properly. 

Can detox help with weight loss?

This is a major question that occurs before starting any kind of detox diet or any weight loss diet plan. 

Detox is not something that is designed for weight loss but the process may help you lose some weight but it doesn’t promise you a permanent weight loss. 

Detox is the process of excluding toxins from your body with the help of a certain diet plan. In this, you need to avoid particular types of foods that are the cause of increased toxicity in your body. 

If you are restricting yourself for having certain foods for a period of time it will help you lose weight.

Detox is all about eliminating toxins by eating healthy for a healthier and happier life. 

So the detoxing is not particularly focuses on weight loss but it may lead you towards shedding some weight. 

Detox teas and waters

People carry a water bottle with some slices of cucumber and kiwi in it with them to the gym or workplaces. This has become more of a trend than actual detoxing. 

But what detox water does to your body? What detox water is good for skin? Which detox tea works best? Here lie many questions, so let’s check some of the detox water and teas. 

Detox water and tea

Detox waters

  • First and most common detox water is one made with Cucumber, Mint and Lemon. Cucumber is a great detox food item when it is paired with lemon and mint, it is no less than any miracle. The vitamin C in lemon helps to flush the toxins out of the body. 
  • Another great detox water is Ginger and Mint water. Ginger is a great ingredient to aid digestion and throat because of its anti-inflammatory properties. 

There are dozens of detox waters, the basic recipe for every kind is infusing different fruits and vegetables in water for enjoying its benefits in a hydrating way. Cilantro or Coriander is also a great detox ingredient. Start including cilantro in your diet by sprinkling some of its leaves on your food and mixing it in your salad. 

Detox Teas

  • Turmeric Tea, turmeric is a wonder spice and has multifarious benefits. It has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe pain, boosts immunity and improves skin health. Add some ginger and black pepper to enhance its benefits.
  • Ajwain Tea or carom seeds tea is very effective in detoxing. This tea provides instant relief in indigestion and gas problems and helps you lose weight. You can add honey to lower its bitterness. 
  • Cinnamon Tea, cinnamon is a spice packed with innumerable health benefits. It is a powerhouse of various antioxidants that helps in curbing free radical activities. Add cardamom pods and ginger to enhance its flavour and benefits.

These teas will help you cleanse your body naturally and more efficiently. 

Final Word!

Detox diets are considered to eliminate toxins but they may also improve health and promote weight loss. These detox ways enhance the detoxing process of your body. Natural detoxing is not that difficult, just avoid some unhealthy food items and choose healthier options. Getting active is also very necessary. All over, a healthy diet and lifestyle is the key to naturally detox your body. 

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