Amazing Watermelon Slush Recipe to Try This Summer

Watermelon drink

As summer reaches everyone starts looking for some refreshing cold beverage options to beat the scorching heat outside. Watermelon Slush is a perfect coolant drink for a hot summer day prepared with delicious refreshing fruit. This cool watermelon slush recipe fits perfectly for a relaxing afternoon or as a finish off drink for your family dinner. 

Only a few ingredients are required to prepare Watermelon Slush recipe. It is an icy beverage bursting with watermelon flavour and the little tartness of lime juice to balance sweetness of the fruit. 

When the temperature rises and humidity increases nothing could soothe you better than a glass of a chilled watermelon slush in your hand. 

Watermelon summer drink

What is Watermelon Slush

Watermelon Slush is a delicious coolant beverage with healthy fruit qualities. Watermelon is a miraculous summer fruit with lots of health benefits. It keeps you hydrated during summers, it is a palatable and nutritious way to keep yourself hydrated. It is a low-calorie fruit and is rich in plant components. Watermelon is high in nutrients especially in carotenoids, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. It also contains some heart-healthy components including lycopene and citrulline.  With the help of its high water content and fibre, watermelon aids digestion.

If you are bored of eating simple watermelon there is no harm to turn yourself for a glass full of watermelon slush. Watermelon slush can also be used as a recovery beverage after exercise as it helps to ease muscle soreness.

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How to make Watermelon Slush 

It only takes a few minutes to prepare Watermelon Slush healthy juicy frozen beverage. It does not require much of your efforts. Well, it is due time you give a natural cooling treat to your palate and stomach. Prepare Watermelon Slush today and experiencing the refreshing splash of melon.

So, let’s prepare this amazing watermelon slush to comfort yourself with some watermelon freshness.

Watermelon slush recipe

Watermelon Slush Ingredients include a short 3 item list-

  • Watermelon (seedless medium-sized) 
  • Fresh Mint Leaves (for a refreshing taste 
  • Lime Juice (a little tartness to balance the sweetness)

Make Watermelon Slush at home

  • Cut watermelon in medium-size cubes and freeze it for some hours
  • Blend the cubes with some mint leaves and lime juice
  • Add water according to desired thickness

Pour the prepared slush in a tall glass and serve with garnishing of mint leaves and lime wedges. 

Final word

Watermelon slush is not only a tasty low-calorie treat but also a healthier and nutritious beverage. There is no need to add sugar, as the watermelon is already a sweet fruit and it will be healthier to skip the sugary part. You can substitute sugar in watermelon slush with some honey or maple syrup. For some frizziness, you can also add flavoured sparkling water to substitute water. A little bit of vodka or tequila goes well to add some tanginess to the slush. 

To fight the hot breezes this summer treat yourself and your family with this juicy icy watermelon slush. This watermelon slush recipe might soon become your favourite summer treat. Amazing health benefits of watermelon fruit and the combination of icy treat will surely wow you taste buds. Here are some refreshing drinks you can try this summer. Enjoy your days with refreshments from nature. Please your tongue, gut, and soul!

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