About Us

Shornu is a budding media organization that is based in India. It provides all kinds of content for readers. Be it Food, Technology, Lifestyle, Cinema, or latest Global Happenings, Shornu serves it all. We take pride in serving the generation and mass that is growing at the fastest rate. Shornu will provide a platform for them to serve their reading requirements and will be a one-stop content arena for many.

Young minds and strugglers inspire us hence we focus on working with out of the box creators who have made something with lack of resources. Shornu provides a platform for them to shine and tell the world about their story.

Get new ideas and creative band while you casually browse Shornu at any time of day. In the current scenario, creative solutions are essential for staying in business. Shornu provides a range of creative content that could help our readers be better informed and help them be the best creative version of themselves.

Our aim at Shornu is to provide the young generation with thoughtful content and give them employment opportunities with a young brand. Youngsters are the backbone of any economy and if you strengthen that backbone, everything automatically goes right. Out of the box ideas from these young minds often turn out to be revolutionary. Be it, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook or, Jeff Bezos from Amazon, all of them started at a young age.

Always the first and last point of our checklist is ‘Respect’. We never intend to publish any form of content that may seem offensive to caste, creed, or religion. At Shornu, we only publish respectful content that is useful for our readers.