7 Monsoon Hair Care Tips For Better Results

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Everyone loves Monsoon and has their own way to enjoy it. Besides enjoyment, Monsoon also brings humidity that causes many problems related to our health, skin, and hair. Adopting some monsoon hair care tips this season could bring more joy and results for your hair goals.


People probably very well look after their skin and health but they forget about their hair. In monsoons, your hair is at its weakest condition so it needs more than just oiling and washing. Monsoon is the time when it becomes difficult to manage your hairs because of the increased levels of humidity. You may experience excessive hair fall and your hair appears to be lusterless and frizzy. 


But don’t let the rain steal your hair’s beauty and lustre. Here are 7 monsoon hair care tips to protect your hairs from the sticky humid climate and make hair game on fleek even in the monsoons.

1. Keep your hairs drydry hair hacks

This is one of the most important steps that you must follow is to keep your scalp dry in the monsoon. Rainwater is acidic and dirty, it has a pH of about 5.6 which is very bad for your hairs. 

It can damage your hair by causing excessive hair fall or other problems. 

Don’t let your hair get wet in the rainwater. If so, wash your hair by shampooing and blow dry completely. Don’t leave your scalp wet. 

You can also use waterproof headwear to protect your hairs from acidic rainwater.


2. For ideal Monsoon hair care Shampoo twice a weekshampoo in monsoon

Shampoo your hairs twice a week in monsoon to avoid oily and sticky hairs. Use a deep cleansing yet mild shampoo to remove any residue on your scalp left behind because of rainwater. In monsoons, hairs become frizzy and undernourished, for this choose a good shampoo that nourishes your hair tresses and prevent your scalp from any fungal or bacterial infections. Always shampoo from root to tip. 


3. Oil Massaginghair oil monsoon

Even if you get oily and sticky hairs monsoons don’t forget to oil massage your hair for better nourishment. Oil massaging naturally boost moisture in your hair that revitalizes dry hair strands. It also offers deep conditioning. Massage your hairs with mustard oil 1hour before shampooing. Mustard oil works as a natural conditioner for your hairs. A little oil before shampooing is good in monsoons. No need to get your hairs dipped into the oil container that means don’t use excessive oil. 

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4. Wide toothed combcomb for monsoon

Choose the wide-toothed comb during monsoons so that it gets easy to detangle your hairs. Do not comb in wet hairs, this can cause breakage and hair fall. Wait till your hair dries then comb it with a wide-toothed comb. Also, don’t allow anyone to use your comb as it may cause bacterial infections. This comb suits every type of hair so don’t need to worry, carry it with you. It will detangle the hairs easily with less damage and hair fall. 


5. Tie It Right

Wet hairs are more prone to breakage and damage so it needs to be handled very carefully. Don’t tie your hairs tight with rubber bands or bun it up or even clip it. This may cause breakage as hair cuticles are exposed when they get wet. Wait till your hairs get dry naturally. In the case of using a blow dryer, invest in a diffuser to minimise damage. 

If you still need to tie your hairs tie them in a loose ponytail or a loose bun. 


6. Protein-rich diet for Monsoon hair carediet for good hair

Diet is an essential part of your healthy life. What you eat decides the quality of your hair. Add protein-rich foods in your regular diet to strengthen your hairs. Foods like eggs, walnuts, green leafy vegetables, whole wheat and dairy products completes the daily requirement of protein in your diet. Protein-rich foods also provide lustre to your hair. Sweet potato, spinach, berries and nuts are also considered good for your hairs. 


7. Stay Hydratedhydration for hair

Drinking water is a very basic thing that we forget to do often. Staying hydrated is all you need for good health, better skin and healthy hairs. People forget to drink water because of a hectic and busy schedule but this is the important thing that you keep reminding yourself. A person needs 2 litres of water daily for proper cell functioning. 


Make it interesting by adding lemon, cucumber, mint and different fruits in water. You can also include coconut water, like soda, fruit juice and green tea to stay hydrated.

Best Monsoon Hair Care for You!hair care

Make your hairs monsoon ready by following these amazing monsoon hair care tips. Your hairs will stay healthy and flawless even during the monsoon. You can enjoy the monsoon in your own way by taking the right care of your hairs. Eating right is also very necessary during monsoons. So, stay healthy, eat healthily and enjoy the monsoons in your own way. 


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