7 Food Items You Should Eat in Summer

Summers are the time when you need to prepare your body to beat the unbearable heat. In this hot season, your body needs extra care and the best way to care for your body is to give it a healthy and cool diet. Summer foods are hence classified as differential food items that help you bear the wrath of this scorchy season.

Being out in the hot torrid summer heat makes you feel sweaty and dehydrated. The heat causes fatigue, skin sensitivity, and mineral deficiency. But we cannot get ourselves locked inside and spend the whole season in front of coolers and air conditioners. 

There are many fresh fruits and vegetables are available in summer, these items are not only healthy but they also pinch the pocket less likely than fast food items. Including them in your diet will get you to prepare for the hot summer days. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are much favourable with extra crunch and they are high in vitamins, minerals, and all the essential nutrients that you need for your summer body.

Here are some coolest summer foods that are worth including in your summer diet-

  1. Onion 

Onions are members of the Allium family. Including onions in your diet during summers will help to prevent sunstrokes. Its nutritional content will also keep you away from illness and benefits your skin. Adding onion in your salad might aid your digestion and prevent you from many digestive issues during summers.

Red Onions contain a chemical called quercetin which causes the anti-histamine effect. Histamine is an irritant which is responsible for the cause of heat rashes and adverse reactions to insect bites and stings. This property of onions could be beneficial for you skin. Regular consumption of onions in summers could be helpful in curing summer complaints and keep you cool during the season. 

  1.  Curd 

Also known as the superfood of summers, curd is something that makes living through summer easier. It is the lightest and most-effective fuel for our body in this harsh season. It keeps you hydrated as well as boosts your energy level. At the same time, it also keeps your body balanced and energised when consumed with sugar or salt in it.

Curd has proved to be a brilliant gut healer as it is packed with many healthy bacteria. It is also responsible for improving the immunity system because of its probiotic nature. Including curd in your summer diet will help you solve many digestive issues and keep you cool and hydrated in hot days. It is easy to add to your diet. Lassi and chaach are some popular ways of consuming curd in India.

  1. Lemon 

Lemon is a magical garden ingredient that is responsible for solving many health-related issues while adding great taste to your food. This super sour summer fruit has many health-inducing properties. Lemon gives you refreshing, hydrating, and healthier tastes in a go. Including this sour and sweet fruit to your daily diet in summers will help you stay fresh and energized for the day.

Lemon also helps in maintaining the pH balance of our body. The citric acid in it helps to reduce the acid concentration in the stomach thus detoxifying our body. Lemon water should be your best mate for the summers as it will not only increase your water intake but will also get you essential nutrients for the day.

  1. Mint 

Mint is packed with a number of health benefits that makes it more than just a chutney, raita, or a mocktail ingredient. It is a very commonly used herb. Mint should be added in your summer diet because of its amazing cooling properties.

It also has super antiseptic and antibacterial properties that help in soothing the stomach and curing digestive issues. The presence of germicidal properties aids bad breath and looks after the oral health of a person. Regular consumption of mint has proved to help balance the blood sugar level and treat skin conditions. You can also add mint in your diet as garnishing to your dishes or even as an ingredient to your smoothies, it is beneficial in every way. 

  1. Cucumber

Cucumber is an essential part of most salads. It is a versatile vegetable that has almost 95% water content, this makes it low in calories and fats. The crispy and cool bite of cucumber replenishes the human body with its nutrients and essential minerals. 

This nutritionally dense vegetable contains Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Folate, Riboflavin, Magnesium, B-6, Calcium, Phosphorus, and Silica. High water content in it keeps you hydrated and completes your daily water intake. It also has good fibre content that is beneficial for gut health. Eating cucumber with its peel on provides you with the maximum amount of nutrients.

  1. Watermelon

Watermelon is another summer superfood that has loads of summer-friendly properties. It has a high water content that makes it perfect for summer season. This juicy, delicious sweet treat is jam-packed with tons of health benefits. It helps in maintaining acid-base balance in your body that lowers high blood pressure.

Watermelon is made up of 92% water and the rest is nutrients and vitamins. Fibrous flesh in watermelon is responsible for improving digestion. Having watermelon in summers keeps you hydrated and gives you energy full for the day. It might also help you boost your immune level. 

  1. Tomato 

Tomato, a very common kitchen ingredient has tons of hidden benefits. From your pizzas to the curries and ketchup tomatoes are highly consumed. But adding tomatoes in your summer diet might be very beneficial.

Tomatoes are filled with antioxidants mainly lycopene which prevents your skin from UV rays that cause sunburns and control the growth of cancer cells. It is also loaded with Vitamin K and Calcium that is beneficial for your bone health. Vitamin A in tomatoes is also responsible for lowering cholesterol level in your body. Tomatoes are more beneficial if consumed raw. 

Try these summer foods to make your summers more hydrated and healthy at the same time. Avoid dehydration and other deficiencies by including these summer healthy foods in your diet. To make yourself summer ready the primary thing to do is to change your diet. Eating light and including these fruits and vegetables will help you fight the summer heat in the best possible manner.

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