5 Tips To Enjoy Monsoon in a Better Way

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The monsoon rain is a great delight after the scorching heat of summers. Monsoon brings a certain amount of beauty, charm and solitude in nature. It also brings some diseases and infections due to change in weather. But, how can you take better care of yourself in monsoon?

In this season bacteria and other infections thrive and spread quickly. No matter how beautiful the monsoon is, its struggles are equally difficult. High humidity makes it tough for all to survive, sticky hairs, acne, stomach infections and how can we forget about the hair fall in this season, the struggles are real.

It is the time when we should pay extra attention to our lifestyle, our food habits and our self-care routines. But how? Well, in this blog you will get all your answers about what you should do in monsoons? What are the things you should take care of? And how to take better care of yourself in monsoon? 

So without any further delay let’s begin with the tips for enjoying monsoon in a healthy way.  

1. Avoid Street Food

This is an obvious but very important tip to keep in mind in monsoon. People forget this and eat everything that is sold on the street that leads them to stomach infection. It must be tempting when it rain but it carries a huge amount of infectious germs that can cause saviour health issues. Street foods are not that good in monsoons and eating them may lead to food poisoning, stomach infections and many more diseases. One should take better care that they should avoid street food for healthy living in monsoon. 

If you are still tempting for them to try making something at home like samosas and pakodas. 

2. Watch for your skin 

Not only your body from the inside is prone to infections in monsoons but also your skin. Our skin becomes more prone to infections in monsoon because of the rapid growth of bacteria and fungus. Jumping into the rainwater and puddle in it may lead you towards infections on the skin like lesions and boils. Avoid getting wet into the rain and if you do so, make sure you take a bath immediately. Add antiseptic liquid in water and bath with it so you stay safe from the infections. 

3. Good Old Remedies

Home remedies are the best way to protect yourself from any kind of health issues. The health problems that we face in the rainy season can be cured easily with home remedies. In fact, if we include them in our routine we will stay safe from the infections and other health issues. 

For skin infections, boil some neem leaves in water and add the water in your beating water to stay safe from skin infections. 

For sore throat, have ginger tea before bed with honey mixed in it. 

To fight viral infections, consume foods which are rich in Vitamin C. 

Making these simple remedies a part of your monsoon days will lead you to healthy living. 

4. What to Eat in monsoon

We have already discussed what to not eat, now let’s see what to eat in monsoons. Make turmeric, ginger and garlic an essential part of your monsoon diet. These spices will give a boost to your immunity and protect you from infections. Consuming garlic on a daily basis in monsoon helps to fight viral infections and helps you recover faster. 

Make sure you cook veggies very carefully in this season, veggies like cauliflower and okra contains season worms in these days. Before cooking boil them for some time in the water so get rid of germs. Eating bitter vegetable in this season also help you fight infections. 

5. Keep Your Scalp Clean

In the rainy season, dandruff tends to make an appearance. To avoid itchy scalp try not to get your scalp wet in rain. Don’t keep your hairs tied if they are already wet. Dry your hairs naturally, avoid using hairdryers as they can cause hair fall. Avoid using styling products and other chemical-based cosmetics on hairs. Use a mild yet deep cleansing shampoo to get your scalp clean. One should maintain a clean and dry scalp to avoid hair falls. It is also important to oil massage your scalp that maintain the moisture in your hairs. 

Following these tips help you maintain a healthy lifestyle during monsoon. The change in weather disturbs everything, we need to adjust to the change by adjusting our lifestyle and habits according to the weather. A little bit of effort and a lot of care and caution on your eating and habits will help you enjoy the monsoon to it’s fullest. So enjoy this monsoon in healthy way. 

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