5 Food Items to help Weight Loss

Weight loss journey can be very difficult for some people. People try crazy things which don’t even have a relevant reason behind them to lose weight. But is this too hard to shed some pounds? 

Starving yourself and torturing your body might not be that necessary. A person can start by cutting processed and packaged foods, bubbly drinks, and sweet beverages. These packaged items contain unnecessary calories and fats that make you obese. 

Losing weight needs some effort and dedication. Diet food makes it more difficult for people. You start with dieting and heavy work out and end up with an ice-cream bucket in your hand. If you add some natural foods with your regular diet it can make your weight loss journey easier and enjoyable.

Losing weight is not about eating less and working more, a little bit of exercise and eating right is all it needs.

Here we got some natural food items that could help you lose weight just by including them in your daily diet-

  1. Lentils and Beans 

Lentils and beans are a rich source of plant-based proteins. They are everywhere and are easily available. Indian homes have a stock of different lentils and beans. Rajma, moong dal, urad dal and what not are common in Indian kitchens. Most of Indian food recipes are prepared with lentils and beans. So it is not wrong to say that including these items in your diet plan is very easy. 

And what can we say about its goodness, it is perfect from every side. Plant-based protein, filled with fibre and rich in minerals and vitamins. A good diet of lentils and beans could aid one’s muscular and nervous system and reduce bloating. They can easily help a person build a lean body mass. 

  1. Leafy Greens 

Leafy green vegetables are an amazing and effective addition to your Weight Loss Diet Plan. Spinach, Fenugreek, green mustard, amaranth, and cabbage are some commonly found leafy vegetables.  

Their incredible properties make them great for weight loss. They are low carb and loaded with fibre, these veggies increase the volume of your meal without increasing calories. 

Leafy greens are also high in different vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants including calcium. They are incredibly nutritious. According to studies, some leafy greens could also aid fat burning process of the human body. It will make you feel full and reduce your craving for unhealthy foods. 

  1. Citrus Fruits

Most dietitians recommend having fruits for a healthy weight loss diet, especially citrus fruits.

Citrus fruits contain potassium that helps combat bloating and the antioxidants in it fight inflammation that is linked to belly fat storage. They also detoxify your body and help you feel relaxed and calm.

To beat the bulge stored in your body you need proper hydration. You can add citrus food to your water bottle to aid your H2O intake, it could also help in the extraction of toxins from your body. If you forgot to drink water very often the taste of infusion of citrus fruits in your water make you crave for it more.

  1. Whole Grains 

Whole grains have recently gained popularity in the health-conscious market because of their health effective properties. They are loaded with fibre and contain a good amount of protein. 

Whole grains are nutritious, healthy, and tasty as well. A number of tasty recipes using whole grains are easily available.

Whole grains include brown rice, oats, quinoa, wheat, barley, and many more options. All of these are bloat-busting superstars because of their high fibre content. Oats improve metabolic health as they are loaded with beta-glucans and soluble fibre. Brown rice contains a significant amount of resistant starch. Refined grains are not as healthy options and some labelled packages with whole grains are highly processed junk foods. They can be harmful as well as fattening.

  1. Herbs and Spices

We are surrounded by different types of herbs and spices. From adding flavours to our dishes to aiding the seasonal flues they are beneficial in every aspect. They can also play an important part in your weight loss journey. Cinnamon Tea and Turmeric Tea are something that everyone has tried once in their weight loss journey. They help you cut off the sodium as it is a major cause of bloating. 

Herbs and Spices also help in flushing out excess water as many of them have mild diuretic effects. We include them in our regular diet knowing or unknowingly. If they are consumed in a proper way they can help you lose weight. 

Basil, cinnamon, cilantro, mint, bay leaf, and black pepper are some well-known spices that are consumed commonly.

Some processed foods such as Probiotic Yoghurt, Oatmeal, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil are also an effective option to aid your weight loss cycle. Try adding these food items with your regular diet and exercise to lose weight. These natural food items can help you lose weight in a healthy manner.

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