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comfort foods for period

The best way to define the relationship between happiness and food is Comfort Foods. Whenever your mood is drooping, comfort foods act as self-medication that cheers up your mood especially on ‘that’ time of the month. 

Food cravings are one of the many symptoms of premenstrual syndrome; PMS. While PMS the chemical messenger in the brain which is called neurotransmitter gets affected that causes cravings for certain food items during one’s menstrual cycle. This happens because the body trying to tell that it needs some nutrients. This is the reason that your appetite may change and crave for certain food. 

We have compiled some comfort foods that help you through your PMS journey, but before starting with the list lets get to know PMS better.

Premenstrual Syndrome: commonly known as PMS

premenstrual syndrome

PMS is a collection of physical and emotional symptoms that start a week or so before your period. While PMS, some feel moodier than usual while others feel bloated and achy. PMS can cause mood swings in the week leading up to your period that leads to sudden unexplained changes in mood like sometimes you feel angrier and the next second you start crying. Your emotions are heightened at this time of the month. 

Many may find their hunger is increased premenstrually. You need to listen to the hunger signals during this time of the month and provide your body the nourishment that it is demanding.

When the hunger signals are ignored and the blood sugar level gets low they turn into voracious cravings.

Food cravings during periods are a call for physical and psychological comfort. Eating your comfort food allays hunger and satisfies the mood, stomach, brain, and emotions because eating your favorite food seems to be a pleasant experience.    

But it is also very necessary to eat right during this time because there’s nothing like “calories on your periods don’t count”. Go for healthier options it will save you from consuming extra calories during your periods.

Here we have listed some of the comfort foods that surely lift up your spirit during your unpleasant days:-

Dark Chocolate

chocolate craving during period

Chocolate is the most frequently reported food that is craved during the period. The cocoa beans are high in magnesium. Processed chocolate has natural magnesium content. Magnesium decrease the common symptoms of the period.

To satisfy your chocolate cravings eat dark chocolates on your periods. Dark chocolate is the best thing that one can have during the period. It works both the way, it will satisfy your cravings for the chocolates as well as a healthier option. 


hot beverage

Craving for hot beverages is very common during the period. Sipping a hot cup of tea seems so pleasant when you are going through this time of the month. Drinking tea at this time of the month relieve period cramps and soothes your body. Chai tea can satisfy your cravings and your body.

Chamomile tea proves to be a better beverage option as it is healthier and doesn’t contain caffeine as it is a herbal tea. Chamomile tea relaxes your nerves as well as your uterus. 

It may relieve the intensity of cramps, reduces anxiety and distress, and helps you fall asleep easily. 

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yogurt for pms cravings

Yogurt is a great option for comfort food during your periods. When the sugar cravings arise, yogurt is a healthier pick to satisfy your cravings. It has less sugar than any other desserts and is also loaded with calcium that helps in soothing period cramps. A diet rich in dairy products reduces 40% PMS.

Yogurt also contains good bacteria that aids digestion and reduces bloating during the period.

Baked Fries

salty food cravings

If you are craving spicy and salty foods during your period then go for baked fries. A pack of chips and other processed foods may please your craving but it will harm your body in an unpleasant way. 

You can also eat fried snacks by frying them in a healthy oil but baking it is a healthier option to eat fries. Just bake whatever you want to eat like bake potato wedges and sprinkle some blake pepper and a little bit of salt. More salt during this time can cause bloating.

Dry Fruits

dry fruits for healthy munching

Dry fruits are also a great option for your period munching. Dry fruits come under healthy munching as they loaded with various vitamins and nutrients. Eating a bowl of roasted makhana is healthier than eating a whole pack of chips or biscuits. Nuts and seeds are rich in Vitamin E that is great for the skin. It also helps in relieving cramps and migraines during the period. This snacking option prevents you from consuming extra calories while period munching. 

Maintain a healthy diet and consume enough protein and healthy fats during the week before your period to reduce the carby and sugary cravings. Comfort foods lift your spirit when you are feeling low. Choosing healthier options will satisfy your cravings but also soothes the body and relieve pain. 

PMS is unpleasant but eating is pleasurable, so, eat right by choosing healthier options. 

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