3 Things That Helped India Coronavirus Number Get Low

India coronavirus lockdown

Coronavirus pandemic has devastated major economies across the globe. With over 65 lakh people infected and 3.86 lakhs dead, it has spread to almost every part of the earth. As developed countries struggled to contain their infection numbers, India has come out as a winner despite registering 2.26 lakh cases. India Coronavirus infections per million people are among the lowest and the COVID-19 death rate in India is also incredibly low. Coronavirus in India seems to be moving forward to its peak, but the pace and numbers are lower than in many countries.


India’s response to Coronavirus pandemic has been termed as fair by many health experts. From initiating timely lockdown to making its health infrastructure supportive, the country has come out as a winner. Many doctors, policemen, and other people have lost their lives in India’s fight against COVID-19. Their sacrifice may not go in vain if India Coronavirus numbers are controlled more by 15 June 2020. New guidelines for workplaces have also been announced by India’s government as it plans to restart its economy.


Here are 5 things that helped India manage its Coronavirus infection figures-


1. Early Lockdown Implementation


India entered into a lockdown only when there were about 600 confirmed cases of novel Coronavirus infection in the country. First Coronavirus lockdown in India was the strictest with very few relaxations given to citizens. This helped the country keep its initial infection number low which later helped in its consecutive tally.


Only essential movement of people was allowed during the first phase of Coronavirus lockdown in India. The second phase came out in a rather similar way. Things changed a bit after the third phase of Coronavirus lockdown in India was announced. People become a bit more free and relaxed, leading to a big rise in new cases.

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2. Increasing Testing Capabilities


While India Coronavirus Lockdown was in effect, the government increased its testing capabilities by importing and locally manufacturing more tests. Greater testing helps in identifying new Coronavirus cases sooner making it possible for medics to treat them at time.


If an infection is not detected on time, it makes them a carrier. A carrier could infect hundreds of people during a week. Increasing early testing has helped many countries get past their Coronavirus peaks. India’s decision and efforts to beta test its healthcare systems and increase COVID-19 testing surely worked. The country is currently conducting more than 1.25 lakh Coronavirus tests every day.

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3. Expanding Healthcarerailway isolation coach


To step up India’s fight against COVID-19, Indian Railways converted thousands of passengers wagons into isolation wards. Most of these went unused but they certainly raised the country’s quarantine and treatment facilities. At a time when everyone was expecting India Coronavirus outbreak to boom, it rose up but with lower levels. The state-run transporter is now transforming coaches back to their original forms.


New medical centres were established in India to lead fight against Coronavirus. Existing healthcare infrastructure was also revamped in the process. New equipment, beds, and other medical items were acquired by the government to assist healthcare staff.


Current Coronavirus situation in India 


With more than 2.26 lakh confirmed cases of Coronavirus infection, India is on the seventh position of countries worst affected by Coronavirus pandemic. It might surpass Italy, Spain, and the UK, the three worst infected European countries before 8 June 2020. As the world shifts from Coronavirus outbreak to economic effects of the pandemic, some countries are still figuring out ways to contain infection numbers. With an extraordinary rise in Coronavirus cases in Brazil, Russia, and India the world is again worried what could the pandemic do once borders open up again.

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