20 Reasons To Love Laughing Buddha Images

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Laughing Buddha is the epitome of happiness in Chinese and Japanese culture. Its fulfilling facial and body expression make every mind jolly. All types of Laughing Buddha Statues are believed to be good for home. However, its effectiveness and power directly depend on the placement of Laughing Buddha and the positivity vested in hosts. Although the happy figure has become more popular as a decorative figure in recent times, a number of people still consider it a holy statue. Laughing Buddha Images and Statues are believed to be good for homes and businesses. 

Here are some reasons why people are in love with Laughing Buddha Images-

  1. Laughing Buddha Adds to The Happy Vibe
laughing buddha images

A happy home is a healthy home. Budai adds to the happy environment of a place with its natural appealing appearance which lightens the mood. 

  1. Kids’ Favourite Spiritual Figure
laughing buddha figure

Apart from the powers, Laughing Buddha figures always have a good amount of cuteness vested in them. Children often find Budai very attractive. But parents and elders must exercise caution so that children do not disrespect the holy figure in any manner.

  1. Laughing Buddha Collections Are Expensive!
laughing buddha collection

Like any other figure, there are many people who like to collect Laughing Buddha statues. Sets of these are often used for gifting purpose and decorating the household while maintaining the aura and pleasant environment.

  1. Cuteness of Laughing Buddha Figures Amaze Everybody
laughing buddha smile

The laughing cute face has amazed every soul that has gazed towards it even once. No-one would have ever thought about a monk looking so cute to the general population like the buddha figure has been.

  1. Laughing Buddha is Friends with Children & Poor
japan children

According to Chinese sayings, Budai or Pu-Tai is friends with Children and the poor. It helps the needy and comes to rescue of the unfortunate.

  1. Future is with Budai
future for globe

In some cultures, Budai is considered to be an incarnation of ‘Maitreya’, commonly known as ‘the Future Buddha’. It is believed that once the world is destroyed, Maitreya will come back to spread peace and love on the planet.

  1. Amongst the Seven Lucky Gods
japan seven lucky gods

Laughing Buddha is among the seven lucky gods of Japanese culture. They are believed to ride the same boat in heaven. Making them happy is very important in Japanese culture. All you need to do is respect and accept.

  1. Laughing Buddha Figures Come in Many Varieties
clay buddha

Laughing Buddha Images and figures and images come in various types. While images are now available in various types of prints as well as old school sketches and paintings, figurines also have evolved with time. Earlier, Laughing Buddha Statues were made from clay and mud but now most figures are made from plastic, metals, and glass. However, according to some spiritual gurus, the efficacy of Laughing Buddha is greatly affected by the material used. 

  1. Rub The Belly- Get Goodluck
japan good luck

Some people say that tapping or rubbing Budai’s belly might be the gateway of good fortune.

  1. Also Works As A Decorative Piece
Laughing Buddha decoration

Apart from its spiritual qualities, Laughing Buddha looks pretty attractive is a decorative piece.

Laughing Buddha Ways to Light Up your House

  1. Famous For Tolerance Power
Buddha tolerance power

It is believed that the reason behind Budai’s laugh is the power of tolerance. A person can only be happy if outside forces cannot influence their mood and mental wellbeing. Tolerance is a great virtue which has been taught in many holy scriptures.

  1. Be Careful With Laughing Buddha
budai care

Laughing Buddha should be placed in front of the main door at above 3o inches high. It should NEVER be placed on the floor.

  1. Exercise Caution With Budai
budai caution

Looking down at Budai is considered disrespecting and doubtful. Placement of Laughing Buddha matters the most when welcoming it for spiritual purposes.

  1. Several Names Around the World

Laughing Buddha is known by several names around the world. While the English side of the globe has started calling it ‘The Happy Man’, ancient Chinese and Japanese names are more significant. It is called Hotei or Pu-Tai in old scriptures.

  1. Story Behind Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha Figure is based on the story of a monk who in caves thousands of years ago.

  1. Types of Laughing Buddha Images

People have started using Budai Images as their wallpapers. Many of them believe that it can also bring luck to them like statues.

  1. Laughing Buddha With Accessories

Sculptures of Hotei or Budai usually comes with a number of carved accessories. Laughing Buddha generally holds a bowl and wears a beaded necklace. It also carries a cloth bag which is considered to be filled with joyous items for children.

  1. Meaning of Laughing Buddha Posture
laughing buddha posture

Budai Statues come in a number of postures. However, the most popular posture for Laughing Buddha is when it is sitting.

  1. Gifting Laughing Buddha

As Budai is considered good for fortune, gifting it might be a good idea. However, a person should always take note of the recipient’s beliefs when gifting a spiritual item or figure.

  1. Laughing Buddha Facts

Here are some cool Laughing Buddha Facts to make your day.

Budai For You

The smiling, giggling, bald man ‘Laughing Buddha’, is believed to make lives happy. Images of Laughing Buddha are a big source of positivity for many. Laughing Buddha Images are available in many shapes and sizes to help you decorate your room and bring prosperity. However, one should always remember that utmost respect is always paid to the holy figure. Placement of Budai and the respect given to it should always be taken care of to keep bad omens away.

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