10 Interesting Homemade Ice Creams| Try This Summer

homemade ice creams

Ice Cream is like a cool breeze in the scorching summer heat. It is the quintessential summer treat one can ever have in summers.  And if you treat your loved ones with homemade ice creams what could be best than this.

Everyone loves ice creams, from kids to elders everyone has their own favourite flavour. Here we have compiled some of the interesting and amazing flavours of homemade ice creams. We have a special treat for all, from fruit lovers to caffeine freaks and also the vegan persons we have a sweet treat for all. 

It is the most soothing pleasure to have your favourite flavour of Ice Cream to enjoy in summers. These ice creams are prepared with simple ingredients that can be easily available at home, so no expensive Ice Cream machine or any other fancy ingredient required for these Ice Cream recipes. All easy, simple, and manual process is needed to make these amazing homemade ice creams.

Top 10 Summer Ice Creams

SO, let’s move towards the delicious recipes of homemade ice creams:-

Easy And Delicious Homemade Ice Creams 

Starting with the Fruity Flavored Ice Creams that are incredibly easiest to make at home:-

fruity flavoured ice cream

1. Mango Ice Cream

Mango ice cream is the combination of two of the best mates of summers forming a perfect combo. Mangoes are loved by everyone, it is the king of all fruits. This ice cream is prepared with fresh mangoes that add the richness of its flavour in the ice cream. All you need is some heavy whipped cream and condensed milk for this ice cream. Mix in some mango pulp, you can also use the canned mango pulp. You’ll fall in with its creamy texture and the fruity flavour of mango.    

2. One ingredient Banana Ice Cream

Yes, you read it right for this ice cream recipe you need just one ingredient that is Banana. It doesn’t need any kind of cream or condensed milk and still textured creamy and smooth. All you need to do is just take a ripe and sweet banana, cut it into even pieces, and freeze it for a day. The next day, blend the pieces until smooth and lumps free. You can eat is immediately or pour it in an airtight container and freeze it again than eat it like traditional ice cream. It is the easiest yet delicious ice cream that you can prepare anytime with just one ingredient. 

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Nutty Flavoured Ice Creams that are easiest yet delicious ice creams:-

nutty flavoured homemade ice cream

3. Honey and Nuts Ice Cream

Easiest ice cream, the winning point of this recipe is that it doesn’t have refined sugar so can save some calories also. Condensed milk is substituted with honey in this ice cream recipe for the lesser sweetness. You need some hazelnuts for this nutty ice cream. Mix in with some heavy cream, vanilla extract, bittersweet chocolates, and Honey. This honey and nuts ice cream will give you a nutty flavour ice cream in a less sweet version. 

4. Fig and Walnuts Ice Cream 

If you are a great fan of dry fruits than this Fig and Walnuts ice cream will surely win your heart. This ice cream has the sweetness of figs followed by the bitter and nutty taste of walnuts. If you don’t like your ice creams too sweet then this is the ice cream of your dreams. You can also use fresh figs to add a richness to the flavour. This ice cream recipe is also very easy to make just mix the figs and walnuts with heavy cream, sugar, and a little bit of milk to smoothen. 

Now the interesting part here is a recipe for all the caffeine addicts. If you ever thought of freezing your masala chai or coffee then these ice creams are just for you:-

caffeine ice cream masala chai and coffee

5. Masala Chai Ice Cream

Having a hot cup of tea in hot weather, Naaahh! What about having ice cream in your favourite masala chai flavour. Yeah, it’s true it can be possible all you need is concentrated tea, sugar, chai masala, cream, egg yolk, and milk. Combine all the ingredients in a saucepan and bring it to boil. When the mixture gets thick switch off the flame. Let it cool down then freeze the mixture in an airtight container. And your masala chai ice cream is ready. 

6. Coffee Ice Cream

Another simple and delicious ice cream prepared with coffee and very few ingredients. It is prepared very quickly, you need to mix cream and condensed milk together and just add instant coffee and mix it well. This is very easy to make, you can also add chocolate for the chocolaty flavour. Well, only the coffee will also give it a nice flavour. 

Now time for some sweet treats for the Vegan persons, here are Vegan Ice Creams recipe:-

homemade vegan ice cream

7. Oreo Cookie and Coconut Cream

If you are vegan and can’t use the dairy cream for the recipe then you can use the coconut cream instead of dairy cream. Refrigerate the coconut cream and whisk it to make it whipped. Crush the oreo sandwiches and mix it with the whipped coconut cream. Don’t powder the cookies, freeze it in an airtight container and your vegan oreo ice cream is ready to enjoy in summers. 

8. Vegan Strawberry Ice Cream

Strawberry is also a favourite fruit and flavour for all. It is a very easy ice cream recipe prepared with very few ingredients. You need coconut milk, coconut cream, cornflour, sugar and yes strawberries the very important ingredient of this recipe.

This pretty pink, smooth and creamy ice cream will make everyone fall in love with it.

The desi Kulfi Ice Creams for the kulfi lovers:-

desi kulfi ice cream homemade

9. Malai Kulfi 

Malai Kulfi is a family favourites ice cream. It is a traditional Indian ice cream which is prepared with full-fat milk boiled to half. Add sugar and cardamom powder, you can also add khoya and milk powder to thicken it more. Freeze it in an airtight container or use the kulfi moulds and while serving sprinkle some sliced pistachios and almonds. 

10. Pista Kulfi

Pista kulfi is prepared with the same process as malai kulfi. Traditionally kulfi is prepared with milk and khoya. The milk is boiled until it thickens and then flavours are added. For pista kulfi, when the milk thicker mix the chopped pistachios and pour in the mould and freeze it. Garnish with nuts and saffron while serving. Your traditional pista kulfi is ready. 

Try these amazing homemade ice cream recipes. These are easy and delicious that takes very little time to prepare. Treat your loved ones with these delicious homemade ice creams this summer and beat the scorching heat and sweat with these soothing ice cream flavours. 

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